Three ways to style a leopard coat

Hi there! I recently bought this leopard coat from even&odd at Zalando. I’ve seen coats like this on Instagram a lot and I just had to have one. It did take me some time to decide wether I really wanted it though. Not because I didn’t love it, because I did, but because I wasn’t sure wether or not I could pull it off. Can I pull it off? Well, I’ll just let you decide. Here are 3 ways to style a leopard coat.

#1 Denim

Outfit number 1, the denim look. This is pretty much the look that I had in mind when I ordered my leopard coat. Mostly because it looks really basic and tones down the leopard coat a bit. Also I really like the light denim color in combination with the coat. The fact that it’s a ripped jeans, makes the look even more casual but also more interesting.

#2 Diva

This one is a little more bold. I didn’t think I would like this look but turns out I do. I figured it might be a little over the top with all the red and the heels. The heels are actually new too and I absolutely love them. They’re from the Ellie Goulding collection at Van Haren and they’re so comfortable for heels.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

I personally wouldn’t wear this outfit with black pants/jeans though. I feel like that would be too much. Like in the first outfit, the ripped jeans tone down the outfit a bit. The combination of casual and bold works really well but make sure that you find the right balance.

# Leather

Leather and leopard are a good match, if you know how to combine the two. Just like with the red heels, it can be a bit of a dangerous combination. However, if you turn it into a casual look, you have nothing to worry about. So when you wear it with a black top and white sneakers, it actually works really well.

That’s it for this post. I would love to know what you all think about my leopard coat, so comments are always welcome! Thanks for reading!



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