My 3 favorite Insta accounts

Heyhey! So as many of you probably know, I have a bit of an Insta addiction. I just like taking and editing pictures and I’m terrible at waiting to post them. Which is why I usually post something every single day. Now I decided that it might fun to share my three favorite Instagram accounts with you. Their feed is amazing and it’s a great way to look for inspiration. 


To be honest, I think that this guy might have the most perfect feed there is. His entire feed matches and his pictures are just incredible. He’s one of those people you want to be so bad. Traveling the world, discovering beautiful places and having a kick ass Insta feed.


She is a model and she is gorgeous, so that already helps. Also all her pictures seem to have been edited in the same way which makes her feed look amazing. The thing I like most about her Insta account is that a lot of the pictures seem kinda basic but somehow she still manages to separate herself from others.


This is probably the most creative account there is. She is amazing at photoshop and creating illusions. Every single picture is a piece of art and you’ll never get tired of scrolling through her Insta feed. She’s a breath of fresh air.

So those were my three favorite Insta accounts. Thanks for reading and hopefully until next time!



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