Birthday Post!

Heyhey! So last Monday was my Birthday and I felt like this was a good year to look back on. I’m 20 now which means that I’ve put my teenage years behind me. To be honest, it feels a little weird. I just never thought about it in that way. 

I think my 19th year had a few little milestones. So lets start at the beginning.
In July me and my boyfriend reached our 1 year anniversary:


I went to Ibiza in July/August:

IMG_1410-2 (1).jpg

I also started track and field (because I was sure I was gonna quit tennis):


Which I didn’t:


Then at the beginning of the school year we had our ceremony for passing the first year of college:


March this year I had my last work day at Inntel Hotels:


And I also started my new job at deMarktwijzer:

DSC_7744 (1).jpg

I also had my first race (this picture is from the second one but whatever):


And now we’re here and I’m officially in my twenties:


Which someone pointed out to me nicely is half way 40. Thanks! That actually makes me feel really old haha. Anyway, thank you for reading and going over my 19th year with me.



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