Back to America (part II)

Hi there! So here it is, my blog post about my trip back to America. There is a small video at the end but I’ll also show you a couple of pictures. I honestly don’t have as much to tell as I’d like, so sorry about that. 

We started out visiting some family in Jacksonville, Florida. It was so good to see them again since it had been two years and I’m glad we got to stay with them for two nights. Also the weather was great, that’s always a plus.


Then after that we drove to Charleston and Myrtle beach. We only stayed for one night in both places but we did get to see some good stuff. The houses incredibly pretty in Charleston and Myrtle beach.



IMG_7026.JPG(Myrtle beach)

IMG_7027.JPG(Myrtle beach)

After Myrtle beach I went back to Furman University while my parents went to go visit another place. I stayed with Leyly for the first 2 nights and with Jacqueline, my old roommate, for the other 2.

It’s actually kinda funny how things went with me and Leyly. We never really talked while I still went to school with her. She seemed really cool and I felt like we could’ve been friends but we never gave it a try. Then I sent her a Facebook message before I got to Furman and I ended up staying with her. (P.s. Miss you already) We hung out quite a lot during my time at Furman. Thanks for taking me to all these cool places! Went downtown together,

IMG_7015.JPG(Also look at that huge bottle of coke.. It looks so weird.)

we ate together,

IMG_7014 (1).jpg
(This was at Southern Pressed Juicery. Seriously, a-ma-zing!)

and again

IMG_7013 (1).jpg(Crepes at Tandem)

and a couple of more times but I don’t have any more pictures haha.

Oh and we got bubble tea!

IMG_6898.jpg(O CHA Tea bar)

And two more pictures of me and Leyly because I had so much fun hanging out with you! Sorry not sorry.



I think that’s basically it. So here’s one more beach pic and then scroll down to the end for the video. Thanks for reading!


Here’s the video!



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