Back to America (part 1)

Heyhey! It’s almost time for me to fly back to America. In case you didn’t know, I played college tennis for a year at Furman University. As you may have read in Darker Days I wasn’t really myself while I was there. It probably could’ve been the time of my life but due to circumstances I struggled a lot. That doesn’t mean that I’m not extremely excited to go back for a bit! Mainly because I wasn’t myself the first time. I just want to create a few more good memories and see some old faces. It will be nice to show them that I can be more fun than I was back then haha.



Even though for me the main purpose of this trip was to go back to Furman, I’ll also visit some other places. My parents wanted to join me, which is actually easier for me as well since I’m too young to rent a car over there. So this will make it a lot easier to move around. We’ll start out in Jacksonville where I have some family. We’re supposed to arrive there late Sunday night and we’ll leave for Charleston Tuesday morning. After that we’ll visit Myrtle beach and on Thursday my parents will drop me of at Furman where I’ll stay up until Monday.

I strangely really miss my old room. I mean my room here at home is a lot nicer but after living in that dorm for a year it really started to feel like home. Not that I’ll still be able to see it since all my stuff is gone and I think they might have renovated it. It’s just that those old pictures make me feel a little nostalgic.


(Still got my teddy bear though)

And then those beautiful Furman snow days!

And those mocha’s from Einstein’s..
FullSizeRender 13.jpg

I can’t wait to go back! See you soon America! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my follow up posts.



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