Help me choose a bag!

Heyhey! So next week there will be a new #FashionFriday and that means that I need a new item. I really want a new bag as an eye-catcher. Just something that can spice up a basic outfit. I’ve selected 6 bags from Zalando. They’re all different brands but I didn’t name any brands or prices on purpose. I don’t want that to influence your choice. Here are the bags that I selected:


I like all of these and I have a lot of trouble with making decisions. Seriously, don’t ask me where to eat or which movie to see. That’s also the reason why I’m asking all of you to help me make a decision. You can vote by telling me the number of the bag you prefer. You can leave a comment below or send me a message on Facebook, Instagram, email or if you have my number just send me a text/w’app. Honestly, whatever way you like to tell me which bag you like is fine. By next Wednesday I’ll have the results and I’ll order one of these bags. (Hopefully they’ll arrive Friday latest)

So that’s it. Make sure to vote and help me make a decision! Thanks for reading!



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