Ab challenge results

Heyhey! Four weeks ago I announced that I started with my ab challenge. Right now it’s time to show you the results. If you’d like to see my pre challenge post here it is: Every day for a month. There you can also find which exercises I did.

So the idea was that I wanted to train my abs every day for a month and just see what would happen. I mean, I don’t want to disappoint y’all.. but not a lot has happened haha. To be honest, I think my abs even looked better before I started this whole thing.


So even though the looks are pretty disappointing, I must say that the exercises became a lot easier very fast.Which also made me extend my 1 minute plank to a 1,5 minute plank. It just became a little too easy.

There might be one extra factor influencing this whole thing and that would be carnaval. Can’t say that I’ve been living a healthy lifestyle for the past couple of days. That probably doesn’t help either. I mean not that I normally do live extremely healthy but at least a bit more than I’ve done recently.

I guess the conclusion for now would be that ab exercises don’t have a lot of influence on how your abs actually look. However, it does influence your core strength. If you’re training for a sixpack I suggest eating healthy. (And don’t start a challenge during a five-day-long holiday.) Also I guess things work different for girls than for guys. (Not that this was a very trustworthy experiment anyway.) Thanks for reading!




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