Exciting new challenge!

Heyhey! Exciting news! Or at least I think it is, so I’m gonna tell you whether you like it or not. As you maybe already noticed, I added this to the section ‘Bucket List’. It wasn’t on the bucket list that I posted but it is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while and it was something I really wanted to do. That’s why I added it to ‘Bucket list’ anyway. Somehow today was just the day that I impulsively decided to do it.  I’m hoping that by now you’re at least a little curious, so here we go.

I want to start my own web shop in inspirational cards. For now I’ll start on this web site and I’ll receive my orders through email. However, if things end up going well I might start doing this a bit more professional. If you want to know what I mean with ‘Inspirational cards’, here are two prototypes that I made:

IMG_5547 (1).jpg

You might be wondering what you can do with these cards but honestly, they’re whatever you make them. You can use them as actual cards to give them to someone for their birthday, anniversary, graduation etc. or you can use them as decoration. You can frame them and put them on your desk or hang them on your wall but you can also pin them somewhere. They can also be used in your flat lays.

IMG_5548 (1).jpg

I printed these two at home on thick paper but when I really start the execution of this plan, I want to have a professional company print out my cards. The quality would be better and it would probably be easier for me too since our printer will most likely take more time to do all this work.

IMG_5549 (1).jpg

If you’re curious about how I made these, I used photoshop and indesign. Photoshop for the drawing. (In combination with my WACOM tablet, see Digital drawing post) And InDesign to put design the rest of the card.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll stay tuned while I’ll keep you posted! Feedback is always welcome and let me know what you think! Thanks,




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