Dress to impress!

Hi there! It’s #FashionFriday again! In this month’s post I’ll show you my new dress and my new ring. I bought both of them at My Jewellery

I bought this dress because it’s quite casual. Most of my dresses are not exactly everyday dresses that you’d wear to school for example. This dress is simple without it being too plain so that’s a great combination. (If you’re going for a casual look.)

It’s a dress you can wear throughout the year, during the Winter and Summer. It’s a color that looks really good when you have a nice tan but I also like it with the black jacket during Winter time.


And then my new ring! I’ve been looking for a silver ring for some time now but I couldn’t find one that I liked. I used to wear gold all the time but when I got my helix piercing, (which was silver,) I switched from gold to silver. I like this ring because it’s really simple but it has this quote saying “Do more of what makes you happy”. I think that’s a good reminder and it adds a little extra.


So that’s it again! Shout out to @SanneCrasborn_  for taking these pictures! (Click here for her website.) Thanks for reading and hopefully ’till next week!




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