Predicting the Future

Hi there! FINALLY a new bucket list post! It took me some time but I can finally cross something off my list again. I can now check the box in front of: “Let someone predict my future”. I did alter it a little by predicting the future myself. (I realized that it was a little expensive to let someone else do it haha.) So I bought my very own set of Tarot cards. If you’d like to know the rules and everything I’d advice you to just look them up on the internet. They’ll probably explain it a lot better than I can.  

There are different card spreads and most of them involve a lot of cards. I decided to keep it a bit more simple for this post and therefore I went with the three card spread. With this spread you only need to read (obviously) three cards. You need to ask a question before you lay your cards and it should not be a yes or no question. There aren’t any cards that could give you an answer to that. You’ll probably realize throughout this post that you’ll have to give your own interpretation to the cards. They do have a description but you have to figure out what that description means to you. Since I have an exam tomorrow I asked how things were going for me at school. The first card would represent the past, the second card the present and the third card the future.


So my past was represented by card 8 of Pentacles. The description of this card is: ‘Work on it, learn and keep going until you have the result you wish for.’ Since last year wasn’t exactly an easy year in school for me I guess this could be a fitting card. I had to do resits for like 50% of my classes so I definitely had to work hard to get through that first year. I made it through though.


Then my present was represented by the card Page of Wands. The description says: ‘You like to get attention; you have good leadership quality; sudden good news.’ Ok so this one was a little harder to relate to school. I guess that the attention part could be linked to my blog. (Which is indirectly also something I do for school.) In order to make my blog more successful, I need to get more attention. For example more Instagram followers means more traffic on my blog. (Because of the link of my blog that’s in my Insta bio.) Leadership quality is more about taking control of my own study habits I assume. I needed to make some changes. I don’t think it’s really about being a leader in a group or something. Some sudden good news could’ve been that I’ve actually passed everything this year so far. I still need to get some results back but so far so good.


And then last but not least, my future. Which is kinda the most important one since that’s what I’d like to know, the King of Cups. This cards stands for being sensitive, intelligent, warm and loving. Again, not directly related to school but I’ll give it my best shot. Maybe it’s about doing things with passion. If you do something because you like doing it, the results are usually better. Maybe it’s saying that I have the proper equipment to do well but I just have to use it.

Well that’s it. My past, present and future. I know that it’s all a bit vague but I actually kinda enjoyed it. I do believe that it’s a good way to analyze yourself, because it does get you thinking. Mostly because it’s a bit vague and you have to link everything to your own life. Lets just hope that I do have the right equipment and that I will actually use it before my exam tomorrow haha. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for #FashionFriday!



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