Bucket list additions

Hey there! So after I realized that it had been a really long time since I got to do some bucket list stuff, I decided to at least add some new ideas to the list. Maybe that will make things a bit easier. (Or not but at least I will have some more options.) This will be a pretty short post but next week’s is supposed to be longer again. Here are my additional ideas:

  1. Have a spa day: Because I’ve never had one before
  2. Order roomservice: I work at a hotel so I get to deliver roomservice but I’ve never ordered roomservice myself
  3. Being able to do 1 pull up: I honestly can’t even do 1 pull up..
  4. Do a short ab workout everyday for a month: It’s still a little early for a summer body but might as well test if it works at all
  5. Visit NYC: This one is more of a long term goal but it should definitely be on the list

So that’s it again for now. I did order something today that could help me with one of the ideas that was already on my bucket list. Hopefully next week’s post will be about something that I can cross off my bucket list. Thanks for reading!



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