Looking back at 2016

Hi there! I know that last week I told you guys that this post was going to be about my day in London but unfortunately the files on my camera were all damaged. Since a big part of that post was going to be about the video, I decided to just skip it. I didn’t even take decent pictures for a post because I figured a video would be enough. So, on to plan B. A new year just started so why not look back on last year?

Places I’ve visited in 2016:

  • London (February)
  • Ibiza (July/August)
  • Formentera (July/August)
  • Rome (December)
  • London (yes again, December)

Things I’ve accomplished:

  • I past the first year of my major and got my Propodeuse certificate.
  • I reached 1k Instagram followers for the first time haha. (Still not a steady 1k though.. sometimes I lose some followers)
  • I can finally really enjoy playing tennis again. (You might want to ask again later after my match tonight)
  • I finally got through an exam week without failing a single exam

New things:

  • I finally went to KFC for the first time.
  • I started my own blog. (But you already knew that)
  • I started track and field practice.

My best insta pictures of 2016 from high to low:

To be honest, that was pretty much it haha. There weren’t exactly any major changes but it was a pretty good year overall. I felt especially great in the last couple of months. Mainly because of the things that I described in Darker Days. I started to feel like myself again and I became a lot happier in the progress. I’d like to thank everyone who helped me get through that but also everyone in general who made my year better.


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