Grey bomber

Hi everyone! It’s time for this month’s Fashion Friday! Since I only got back from London early this morning, I had to improvise a little with my pictures. First of all there was no one home to take any pictures of me so I had to do it myself and second of all I looked exhausted because of the whole bus/boat trip. (That’s also the reason why you don’t really get to see my face in these pictures haha.) 

So, in London I bought this jacket at MANGO. (Pretty sure it was €50 but I’m not completely sure.) It was basically love at first sight. Grey is one of my favorite colors when it comes to clothes. I mean I have 4 grey sweaters. I also really liked that it’s a bomber jacket but different from most others. The fabric is quite soft and it’s nice and warm. Most bombers are kinda thin and have this shiny fabric. Don’t get me wrong I really like those too but this one just seemed like a better fit for me.

As mentioned above, this jacket is pretty warm. Because of this, I can just wear this as my regular coat. Of course I’d have to make sure the rest of my clothes are nice and warm and that I’m wearing a scarf but it’s a good second option for my regular coat. I’m probably not the only one but I kinda hate it when my coat (which I wear basically every day in Winter) covers up my clothes. It just looks like you’re wearing the same outfit everyday. This will be a nice addition to switch things up a little.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

That was this month’s Fashion Friday! Hopefully my low energy level didn’t make a complete mess out of it. Next week you’ll get to read about our one day trip to London. There will probably be a video as well. However we literally just went shopping and eating so I’m gonna have to try make it a little more interesting to watch haha. Enjoy your last 1,5 day of 2016!




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