Christmas presents!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. I for one had a great time! I’d just like to show you what I got this year. I got one gift from my parents and one from my boyfriend. So first of all, thank you I love them both!

I’d like to start out with my new Salora camera since I already know this one a little better. I’ve been using one from my friend since I don’t have a decent camera that I can record with. However, now my parents got me one of my own so I don’t have to borrow yours anymore Loreen haha! I’ll give it back the next time I see you.


So there it is, my own Salora camera. This is the same camera as the one that I used for my video last week in Getting ready for Christmas!. If you’ve seen the video, you’ve already noticed from my huge head that it’s a fish eye camera. Maybe not exactly perfect for close ups but it’s ok for everything else. (Sometimes even quite useful.) My Ibiza video in Ibiza is always a good idea is also recorded with this camera. When you’re trying to record more of your surroundings it’s really nice to have a fish eye. I’ll be leaving for London tonight, so I’ll get to test it out.

Then gift number two was a fitbit. I can’t really explain why but I just really like to monitor everything like my heart rate and the amount of steps I take a day. Not even for health related things to be honest but kinda like amusement I guess. I did notice that I try to be active a little more since I got my fitbit. Sometimes it starts to vibrate and it tells me that I still need a few more steps within the hour. Then (sometimes) I actually get up and take a few more steps. I also realized that my heart rate goes up a lot just by walking the stairs so maybe I should work on that haha.


I work out quite often but when I’m not working out I have the bad habit of sitting behind my laptop all day (or laying in bed). I’m kinda hoping my fitbit will help me remind me to get up sometimes and do something active. (So far so good.) Also I still have ‘running a 10k race’ on my bucket list so I could definitely use my fitbit for that too. It records so much though. The amount of sleep you get for example or when you wake up for a bit. Steps, kilometers, calories, heart rate, you name it. It also comes with an app so you can look back at the previous days and see your improvements.

Well, that’s what I got for Christmas. Both gifts are very useful, not only for me in general but also for my blog, so thank you so much! Stay tuned for Fashion Friday that will be online this week. Thanks for reading!



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