Getting ready for Christmas!

So this week’s post is a little different because it’s a video. No, I did not just start vlogging. I’d honestly feel way too awkward going out in public and recording myself while I’m talking English. I think that it would’ve been different if I started my blog in Dutch, because then I would’ve been able to vlog in Dutch too. However, since I started my blog in English I feel like I should use English for everything. But to be honest I’d probably be too scared to vlog in Dutch as well haha. So to get to the point, I made a video about some of my Christmas preparations. It’s not even the gift buying part but just the part about my appearance. Which means getting my nails done and trying out hair and make up for this weekend. So if you’re curious about that or if you just want to laugh because my head looks like a balloon in the make up part, (Thank you fish eye.) then go ahead and watch. Enjoy!

Quick shout out to NaomiNails for always taking care of my nails and to Haarmode ‘t Kappertje for doing my hair!


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