Packing Problems

Hi there! Only two more nights of sleep until I’ll fly off. I already told you in my post “Surprise!” that I’ll be going on a trip with one of my best friends and now it’s almost time! I can’t even describe how excited I am. Most people ask me: “But what if you end up in some weird city?” Well to be honest, I don’t really mind. If it’s a place I’ve never seen before it will be interesting anyway. I just want to go away for a little while. Even if it’s just for the weekend. 

But how do you pack your bag if you don’t know where you’re going? And also how do you pack just one carry on bag? Well the good thing is, you get to see the weather forecast a week before departure. Our weather forecast was a maximum of 15 degrees Celsius. Since it’s just for the weekend we didn’t feel the need to also spend money on a suitcase. However, that means that we need to be really strategic about what we want to pack. First plan of attack is to wear a lot of clothes on the flight. So a sweater, a shirt, jeans, biggest pair of shoes, maybe a jacket and then a winter coat. (It’s a good thing airplanes are cold.) The plan for clothes ,so far, would be something like this.

Wearing on the plane:

IMG_3778 2.JPGBut then with shoes and my winter coat. Maybe even an extra shirt.

Carry on (that I have so far):

IMG_3777 2.JPGThen I just need some more basics like a toothbrush, make up, soap etc. We can share things like toothpaste and deodorant so we can split that up over two bags. I’m not sure about my selection of clothes yet but I don’t think I’ll be adding much more than this. If I have any room left, I’d like to bring my camera as well so I’ll just pack the things that are actually necessary. I do already have a video camera (kinda like a go pro) that I’m allowed to borrow from a friend. I’ll definitely bring that one!

Well that’s all I have right now. You’ll be able to read everything about the trip next week and there should even be a video. I can’t wait to find out where we’re gonna go! I’m sorry that my pictures are so blurry this week but the light was terrible. Thanks for reading and until next week!


Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 4.12.02 PM.png


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