Hang in there

Hi there! This might be the weirdest thing that I’ve ever done but hey, it was on my bucket list. It’s completely pointless though and I can’t even describe why I did it. I read it somewhere and decided to just give it a try. So what did I do? I got one of my friends to tape me against the wall! Yes, you just read that correctly. The goal was to stick to the wall without having my feet touch the ground. Obviously there’s a video at the end. I wouldn’t let you miss out on all the fun.

So first things first. I needed two rolls of ductape. Both of 50 meters. I ended up using like 75 meters. What a waste of tape but okay haha. At least we had fun. I had to stand on a stool so I could keep my feet off the ground while my friend was taping me against the wall. After 1 hour of standing there we figured there’d be enough tape to hold me. I still don’t know why I was so excited about this haha. But after the stool was removed, this is what happened.

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 2.29.01 PM.png

So yeah, you can see the excitement on my face. I was actually hanging on the wall. However, I almost hang myself in the process of getting off the wall again. My left arm had been taped a little too good. Causing me to slide down with my arm still stuck there. It’s a good thing you can’t really see that in the video, that would’ve been awkward. Actually this whole thing is awkward but that would’ve made it even worse. How do you like my outfit though? Maybe something for Fashion Friday this week?

So enough pictures. You probably just want to see the video anyway. Thanks for reading and enjoy! See you next time!



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