Hi again! Exams are officially over and I’ve passed at least two out of the four exams. So far so good. This also means that I FINALLY have some freedom again. Today I decided that this awful weather called for something warm and sweet. Naturally that meant marshmallows. (I don’t know what the weather is like for you but here in the Netherlands it’s cold and rainy.) Since roasting marshmallows is still on my bucket list, I figured why not. It’s not like I’ve never roasted marshmallows before but it has been a while and it’s the perfect season for it. The only problem is that I’m not exactly an expert on campfires and we also don’t have any wood at home. So I improvised! Every problem has a solution right haha?

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Honestly, roasting marshmallows is easy. The only thing you need is something long that you can stick your marshmallow on (I mean holding it just isn’t the safest way) and a candle to roast your marshmallow above. There you go, you can now successfully roast marshmallows indoors.


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Since I bought way too many marshmallow I also decided to try and make marshmallow muffins. They turned out better than I expected but I wouldn’t be able to give you a recipe haha. I basically just made a regular cake mix, added a little salt to balance out the sweetness and I also melted some chocolate to go in to the mix. I didn’t measure anything but just kinda judged by the way it looked. This was the result:

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Personally I wouldn’t do both again at the same time, roasting marshmallows and eat these. I promise you’ll get a sugar rush. I love sweets but this was just too much, even for me haha. However, they tasted good so I’ll probably try it again. I have way too many marshmallows left anyway. The next time I a have an afternoon off, I’m just gonna make myself some tea and roast marshmallows above a candle. Does it get any more Fall than this? I think not. Thanks for reading!

P.s. Yesterday I decided to create a Facebook page to keep everything more organized and I’ve already got over 200 likes so thank you so much!



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