Exam struggles

Hi there! Last week I mentioned in my “Surprise!” post that I was in the middle of exams. Since I’ve already finished the first week of exams by now and I’m only one exam away from my freedom, I decided to let you know how I’ve managed so far. Physically and mostly mentally. (Maybe even emotionally.)

About 10 days before my first exam I started out really confident. I studied every day for a week. And I mean like the entire day, not just an hour or so. Usually I just write down all the things that I need to know. This worked out really well during high school but when I got into college this turned out to be a little less efficient. It’s just too much information to write down and I don’t have time to do all of that. However, after two years of college I still didn’t fully realize that. So not changing my method, I had to do resits for like 50% of my exams. (I’m not even kidding.) I passed all of them after the resits but it would’ve been nice not having to do resits at all. Or at least not this many.

With 3 days left until my first exam, I decided to change my method. The first thing I did was lowering the amount of cups a coffee a day. Honestly, I couldn’t sleep anymore. I tried a glass of red wine once in a while. (Much better haha.) The second thing was, not writing everything down but summarizing it and skiping the things that I already know. You must be thinking “That’s it? That took you two years?”. Well I wish I could say no but yes, that took me two years. So instead of just writing everything down without thinking and not remembering a single word of what I’d been writing down all day, I was know actively thinking and writing at the same time. With as result actually remembering things. (Yaayy.)

(Since all quotes look better in a picture)

For my third exam (which was the last one of the first week) I decided to stay up as late as I could to study. Expecting to at least make it to like 4 AM I was a bit disappointed whenI ended up in bed by 2 AM. I realized I was too exhausted to focus so there was no point in staying up. On the plus side, I did already cover all of the material by 2 AM. Meaning the extra hours until 4 AM would’ve been repetition. I’m glad that I decided to stay up a little longer for that last exam though. It did help me out and I felt a lot more confident.

I had to rush a little for my exams in the first week since I didn’t have a lot of time left to prepare but I actually think I passed them. I didn’t expect them to be going well but they went a lot better than I thought. Obviously I’m not sure and maybe I’ve even done terrible but so far I’m feeling confident. (Kinda.) I had 3/4 exams last week and the fourth one is tomorrow. This will probably be the hardest one. It’s also a bit of a vague one so I’m not really sure how to prepare.

I’m just gonna hope for the best tomorrow. As long as I pass at least 3/4 exams I’ll be happy. I’m okay with doing one resit. However, I’d rather not do any resits and start my Christmas break a week early. That’s still my goal: An extra week of not having to do a single thing. Wish me luck! Thanks for reading,



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