So in between all this studying I did get to do a little planning and I don’t mean planning as in, when am I gonna study for what? I mean planning something that’s actually fun! Something exciting to look forward to! I’m guessing you want to know what it is and lets start with saying that it is on my bucket list. I expected that it would take me some time before I’d actually managed to do it but it turns out thats it’s gonna happen pretty soon. 

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If the pictures haven’t spoiled my plan yet (which I can’t imagine), yes, I’m going on a trip. Where to? I don’t know yet. It’s a trip! The fun thing about a trip is that you book a citytrip or vacation, without knowing where to. You find out what your destination is when you arrive at the airport. This makes it really exciting! What you do know is that it’s somewhere in Europe. I’ll travel with another girl who is one of my best friends. You have different categories where you can choose  from and we decided to go with the ‘broke’ category. Why? Well the name already says enough. This is the cheapest trip, which also means we’re staying at a hostel. We decided that we’d rather spend our money at the unknown destination on for example food and shopping, than spending it all on a hotel. The plan is to go for 4 days in the first weekend of December. (Friday – Monday) Obviously I’ll write another post on this when I get back and maybe I’ll even make a video. For now, this is it! If you want some more information, you can check out the website! Thanks for reading,



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