New musthaves!

I recently bought two new fashion items but this Fashion Friday is mostly gonna be about one of them. It’s about a fashion item of which I never thought I’d actually buy it. So what did I buy? A gorgeous striped dress and a new pair of glasses. This post is gonna be about the glasses and partly  about a girl who might have inspired me a little to buy them.  (A little extra information, the glasses and the dress both come from “Mode Musthaves”. )


So about these glasses, they’re fake. This is why I even surprised myself that I bought them. I mean, why buy fake glasses? I just really like how they look with a casual black outfit. It’s kinda like “Oh this outfit? I just pulled it together this morning” while actually you’ve been planning it all night. Just so you know, I also have real glasses but I usually wear contacts. (I thought I’d just throw that out there.)


Anyway, during my year abroad there was this girl called Harper. She is probably the most talkative and positive person I’ve ever met. I think I remember you calling yourself Positive Penny, am I right Harper? The thing is, she bought fake classes while I was there and everyone was laughing at her. (Even though she still looked great.) They just didn’t get why she would buy fake glasses. She didn’t really care about that though, she probably already knew she was gonna be a trendsetter. Wouldn’t be the first time. I’m pretty sure everyone started wearing their sunglasses on top of their heads (even at night) after they noticed she did.

She loved wearing her fake glasses to the library. Something about letting people know that you’re there to study and not to socialize.  The thing about wearing glasses is that somehow you just feel smarter. It probably has something to do with the stereotype of smart people wearing glasses. Honestly though, I remember from when I wore my actual glasses  from time to time, that people would walk up to me to say “You look so smart!”. (Still haven’t figured out whether or not I should take that as a compliment.) Anyway, glasses just make you feel different and they give off a different vibe to other people as well.


A lot of you probably still don’t get why I bought fake glasses and I don’t blame you. 1,5 year ago I never thought I would buy them myself. However, now I’m glad that I did and I like how they just add a little extra to my outfit. The fact that they make me feel smarter is just a bonus. So thank you Harper for inspiring me 1,5 year ago and letting me write about you for my blog. I hope I got my facts straight and didn’t say something that isn’t true. It’s been a while since the last time I’ve seen you.

Thanks for reading!






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