New bucket list ideas!

Hi there! It’s been four weeks since I started blogging and I already realized that I need more ideas on my bucket list. There are a few things left that I might be able to do in the upcoming weeks but there are also a couple of things that are going to take some more time. Shout out to all the people who tried helping me to come up with new ideas. (It’s harder than you think.) You have been an amazing help. Now, lets see which ones I added.

  1. Say yes to everything for a whole day
    Remember me to not tell anyone when I’m doing this. I don’t want everyone taking advantage of me just because they know I have to say yes haha.
  2. Be a tourist in my own city
    I’m pretty sure that there are a ton of places in my city that I haven’t been to yet.
  3. Do 50 random acts of kindness
    This basically means that I have to do 50 nice things.
  4. Cook/bake something from a YouTube tutorial
    Just so you know, I only know one dish and every time I cook it’s that same dish. Maybe it’s time to try something else for once.
  5. Create my own cocktail
    Because who doesn’t like cocktails?

So, that’s it! And again, all ideas are welcome! (Just no guarantee that everything will actually make my bucket list haha. There’s a fine line between fun and getting me killed.) Thanks for reading! Love,




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