First Fashion Friday

Let me introduce you to Fashion Friday. Earlier this month I started blogging and so far I love doing it. If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know that I’m a bit obsessed with pictures and finding the right filters but in these weeks I also realized that I like to write. Those two things go pretty well together when it comes to blogging and I feel like I’m completely in my element. However, it’s really hard to frequently do stuff from my bucket list. This also means that it’s difficult to keep writing. (I mean no new topics = no new posts) This is why I decided to start a new topic on the side, Fashion Friday. Now I’ll have an extra topic to blog about. It will be a monthly thing in which I’ll show you one of my new fashion items and give you some information. So here it is, enjoy! xx

(€53.32 and free shipping)

Last weekend I ordered this jacket at ASOS. It’s from a brand that I had personally never heard of before, Daisy Street. I came across a couple of other things from Daisy Street as well and I actually really like their style. (You can find them on Instagram as @daisystreetcouk)

I love the fact that this jacket is a combination of faux and Denim. I already have a Denim jacket but as soon as the temperature drops a little further, it’s going to be too cold to wear. This one is a lot warmer so it should be able to at least get me through Fall.

Also, Denim jackets are so easy to combine with different outfits. It’s kinda a musthave in your wardrobe. Practical, comfy and fashionable. I’m definitely happy with my purchase and I can’t wait to wear it more often. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think about Fashion Friday! I appreciate the feedback!



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