Me and my blog

Hi I’m Joan and I’m 19 years old.
I’ve been considering blogging for about three years now and our teachers keep telling us we need to blog as well, so I figured I’d just give it a try. I’m a communication major after all so I kinda need one anyway. Now that I’m actually getting started I’m pretty excited. After struggling a lot about the name of the blog I realized I was not gonna come up with anything good and decided to just use my own name. Trying to figure out what I actually wanted to blog about was almost as hard as trying to come up with a name. However I did succeed at finding something that should at least give me something to write about once in a while. I made a small bucket list with a couple of things that are easy and a couple of things that are a little harder. I didn’t write them down in order and some of them might take me a long time to complete but I’m going to try to eventually do all of them. Also I’m probably going to add more along the way. In case you didn’t realize, that’s what my blog is (at least mainly) going to be about. Have fun and thanks for reading!




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